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4. Network Architecture

In this section we discuss the network architecture of VetBasic.

VetBasic operates over a distributed VPN and we use a 2-tier client server architecture.

2-tier Diagram
Figure 27: VetBasic 2-tier Diagram.

VetBasic uses the free ODBC-JDBC drives supplied with Firebird. A system DSN is added to Windows to allow Microsoft Access to communicate to Firebird.

Example ODBC entry for VetBasic
Figure 28: VetBasic ODBC.

The VetBasic application is designed to work over a TCP/IP network. At Community Veterinary Services we installed 100BaseT networks at each business and used an ADSL VPN link.

VetBasic was designed with network costs in mind. Using server side SQL queries we were able to establish operation of the remote business over a 64k uplink feed. Only queries and their results were transmitted across the ADSL service.

Thus VetBasic offers shared usage of clinical records across multiple clinics.

Network Diagram
Figure 29: VetBasic Networking Diagram.

We see above the VetBasic network with a computer located at Reception, a second computer located in the Consultation Room and optionally a computer located in the Surgery.

A hole is entered in the firewall of the remote VPN appliance to allow communication from the remote VetBasic clients to the central database.

Firebird Firewall Hole
Figure 30: VetBasic Firewall Hole.

When a public internet connection is available VetBasic may interface with Gribbles E-Pathology software and automatically import daily pathology results.

Where a public internet connection is available VetBasic is able to transmit marketing emails to customers.