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3. Database Architecture

We chose to use the open source Firebird SQL server for our database. Unlike MS SQL, there are NO licensing or user limits with Firebird SQL. Firebird SQL runs on many more platforms than just a MS Windows Server. We chose to use a second hand P450 with Windows XP for our system.

The VetBasic database contains 28 tables. In Figure 24 we show a sample Entity Relationship diagram for the major tables of VetBasic.

Entity Relationship Diagram
Figure 24: Sample Entity Relationship Diagram.

In Figures 25 and 26 we display the Firebird table definitions for Clients and Patients.
The database contains over 12600 clients and 21900 patients.

Example of Client Table
Figure 25: VetBasic Client Table.

Example of Patient Table
Figure 26: VetBasic Patient Table.